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      How much is the market price of LED glue dispenser

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-01-04 18:50   瀏覽:

      With the development of LED industry is increasing, the semiconductor industry has become an important application in industry production equipment, with LED with the production technology requirements continue to increase, LED glue dispensing technology is also constantly upgrading, the dispensing methods are based on manual dispensing, dispensing mode not only such a dispensing speed slowly, the dispensing quality is not high, and the operation is complex, the key is not complete with geometric patterns in the dispensing operation; the production process requirements become more stringent, the need to manually dispensing already cannot satisfy in the production of LED dispensing machine was born.
      The product of industry semiconductor dot glue has already become an important use range of the equipment for the production of glue. In such a market environment, the LED industry has made innovations in the dispensing industry and technological direction, resulting in the emergence of a series of glue control devices such as LED dispensers. The LED glue dispenser is one of the most representative LED dispensing equipment.
      With the application of the dispenser is widened constantly, all kinds of dispensing machines are used in different industries, such as: silicone dispensing machine is used in the integrated circuit industry, non-contact jet dispensing machine is applied to some high precision products, led foam ball dispenser as glue machine, one of the many types of a dispensing equipment, the industry will use the dispensing equipment, the LED dispenser much expensive?
      In the lighting production in the field of Led dispensing system plays a very important role, whether it is the lamp holder and the substrate bonding or lighting chips need to be done by the LED dispenser, small desktop design used by most LED dispenser, lightweight and convenient and easy to use, which point glue manipulator responsible for various dispensing work needs that can help users to complete all kinds of irregular path glue coated or glue dispensing work, mechanical arm is an integral part of LED dispensing machine, the mechanical arm function can enhance LED dispensing practical value.
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