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      It is better to choose which precision dispenser on the mark

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-01-06 08:31   瀏覽:

      Although there are large LED dispensing machine, glue machine, glue machine and other types of domestic high-speed dispensing market, some precision dispensing equipment can also be imported and advanced dispensing equipment ". But there are a lot of places to pay attention to in the process of using LED glue equipment. For example: in the application of large LED dispensing machine to LED product dispensing, in particular to a large LED dispensing machine control the amount of glue; and when the application of large LED dispensing machine need to pressure on large LED precision dispensing machine temperature and operation of rational utilization and regulation. It is important to note that the temperature, time and temperature curve of heater.
      The requirements of the industry of large LED precision dispensing machine to meet, because get dispensing technology industry recognition, jet dispensing machine is now the latest dispensing equipment, equipped with high-speed jet valve and CCD vision system, in addition to the two parts is simple handle control system, output control glue can reach ml, precision dispensing equipment and high speed the dispensing mode in the power industry with glue, glue was very good, with a large flow of glue, can make the power supply need fast filling glue.
      Because the bulb appearance is elliptical, ordinary dispensing technology is difficult to be fixed and dispensing, the working plane of large LED precision dispensing machine has a plurality of three-dimensional circular groove, can accommodate a plurality of bulbs of glue coating, through the automatic dispensing cycle can ensure the glue evenly in the bulb is coated on the dispensing work large LED precision dispensing machine support different path, strict implementation of high precision dispensing path according to the program, the work cycle mode to ensure LED bulb production efficiency, the demand for human resource is low, can improve the production efficiency of manufacturers.
      The time of the entry of the large LED precision dispenser to China is relatively late, but the domestic adhesive equipment industry has a strong back - hair advantage. In addition to the self development of the domestic glue industry, the domestic market also took over a part of the foreign developed countries' enterprises. While the scale of the industry is expanding, it has also gained a certain scale effect. And in this process through each other learning and mutual penetration. It also plays an important role in the improvement of the glue dispensing technology of the large LED precision glue dispenser in China.
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