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      What is the meaning of the three axis linkage of the LED aut

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-01-06 17:46   瀏覽:

      LED automatic dispensing machine is mainly aimed at the demand for micro glue technology, such as flexible circuit board and module. The LED automatic dispensing machine is suitable for the proper production line. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, high accuracy and stable operation. It can meet the market demand, and the configuration needed is different when using glue. First, know the nature of the products you make, whether the production products have high requirements for the dispensing precision, so that you can decide the dispensing machine you need. Like the LED dispenser, it belongs to the more precise dispensing equipment, which is very suitable for the industry with high demand for dispensing and precision.
      LED automatic dispensing machine are very specific, suitable fluid can be used in addition to glue outside the special nature of the traditional sense of the paste, not only can use special glue and glue manufacturing, the effect is very good, some glue is mainly applied to the LED bulb and the circular object. Of course, can also be applied to other objects except LED dispensing outside of the lamp, such as watches, buzzer, speaker, LED automatic dispensing machine with high production efficiency and high quality production for many manufacturing enterprises to save the production cost, is convenient and practical and easy-to-use dispensing equipment.
      Because the bulb appearance is elliptical, ordinary dispensing technology is difficult to carry out fixed dispensing, working plane LED automatic dispensing machine has a plurality of solid circular groove, can accommodate a plurality of bulbs of glue coating, through the automatic dispensing cycle can ensure the glue evenly in the bulb is coated on dispensing work LED automatic dispensing machine supports different paths, strict implementation of high precision dispensing path according to the program, the work cycle mode to ensure LED bulb production efficiency, the demand for human resource is low, can improve the production efficiency of manufacturers.
      Manipulator with multi axis linkage mode, to complete the three axis, four axis, five axis and six axis orientation of the dispensing work, the applicable scope and function value of LED automatic dispensing machine has been further improved, dispensing robot arm using high strength Aluminum Alloy manufacture, practicability and precision linear guide rail for supporting used in dispensing work has been strengthened, some of the high demand for lighting production line of high performance dispensing arm strong dependence. Better work effect of mechanical arm supporting the main dispenser in LED automatic dispensing machine running in, through a plurality of dispensing arm can complete dispensing work on a workpiece in a certain period of time, to ensure the product is coated with high efficiency even without overflow and other defects, effectively improve the quality and usefulness of LED lamp.
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