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      Current production technology of large LED glue dispenser

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-01-09 18:10   瀏覽:

      With the expansion of LED industry, the semiconductor industry has become an important application industry of production equipment. With the LED industry, semiconductor dispensing products have become an important application area of dispensing production equipment. In such a market environment, the LED industry has made innovations in the dispensing industry and the direction of technology, resulting in the emergence of a series of glue control devices such as large LED dispensers. Among them, the large LED glue dispenser is the most representative of the LED dispensing equipment.
      Semiconductors generally possess less electrical conductivity at normal temperatures than those of conductors. They are more conductive than those of insulators. The semiconductor package is then semiconductor wafer is cut, the small wafer cut out of the use of large LED dispensing machine and product framework in bonding, even small wafer bonding pads for dispensing glue dispensing function and frame pin end composed of semiconductor components in whole, plastic a good package, the final test and inspection, this is the whole package process.
      Because the bulb appearance is elliptical, ordinary dispensing technology is difficult to carry out fixed dispensing, working plane large LED dispenser has a plurality of three-dimensional circular slot, can accommodate a plurality of bulbs of glue coating, through the automatic dispensing cycle can ensure the glue evenly in the bulb is coated on the dispensing of large LED dispensing machine support different paths, strict implementation of high precision dispensing path according to the program, the work cycle mode to ensure LED bulb production efficiency, the demand for human resource is low, can improve the production efficiency of manufacturers.
      The time of the large LED glue dispenser entering China is relatively late, but the domestic glue equipment industry has a strong post - hair advantage. In addition to the self development of the domestic glue industry, the domestic market also took over a part of the foreign developed countries' enterprises. While the scale of the industry is expanding, it has also gained a certain scale effect. And in this process through each other learning and mutual penetration. It also plays an important role in improving the technology of the big LED glue dispenser in China.
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