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      In addition to the LED industry, there are other industries

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-01-11 15:51   瀏覽:

      The ordinary tabletop glue machine mostly uses the stainless steel needle to finish the glue, spray and so on. Stainless steel needles have strong advantages in terms of firmness and accuracy, but sometimes when needle is used for dispensing phosphors, needle and phosphor are easy to penetrate each other, so that the properties of phosphors are changed. The effect of the glue is naturally bound to be affected. The desktop dispenser abandoned the metal needles and replaced the metal needles with the latest materials, so it could better reduce the phosphor denaturation and ensure the quality of dispensing.
      The electronics industry for dispensing operation in numerous need in the industry occupies a dominant position, because the development of the electronics industry has been relatively mature, many parts are relatively small, a lot of artificial production, and most of the desktop type dispenser can point glue work in the electronics industry, so the desktop dispensing machine in the market place gradually improved, and through electronic products desktop dispensing quality than manual dispensing or other dispenser products use a long time. At present, the main products are: cell phone shell, MP3, relay, cell phone battery and so on.
      The most important point is the incandescent lamp without injury to the surface of the finished product, in order to ensure that the yield strength of the need to reduce dispensing, but this does not hinder the normal use of dispensing equipment, for dispensing at a rate of 300mm/s per second, so the dispensing of incandescent lamp can reach a maximum of 1500 hours / huge workload, and can be applied to some the irregular point of incandescent lamp, dispensing, dispensing machine embodies the desktop full function.
      The aerodynamic model is one of the working mode of desktop dispensing machine, through the air supply device of producing pressure, pressure driven to a feeding tube, glue according to the actual situation of the control parameters to reach the free flowing effect, through the dispensing valve after the uniform glue dispensing machine, desktop using this high dependence on mode for air quality. On the market, most of the dispensing machine using pneumatic drive as the working mode, this way of working, convenient use and simple operation, is suitable for the high demand for lighting in the production line, to ensure the effect of lighting and production, bonding or encapsulation of desktop dispensing machine is mainly responsible for various lighting.
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