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      The production industry of the application of LED fluorescen

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-01-17 18:47   瀏覽:

      When using phosphor and LED, it will distribute the phosphor around the semiconductor chip. The main purpose of this technology is to finish the wavelength conversion of phosphors. Collocation in the application of LED and fluorescent powder, the first need for phosphor gel dispensing operation to facilitate the application of LED fluorescent powder automatic dispensing machine to complete. Generally speaking, we will be using epoxy resin to phosphor to gel. Then we use the laser transformation of the fiber to make the phosphor become a yellow luminous body. The remaining blue light will become the white light we usually see after it is mixed with the phosphor.
      LED fluorescent powder automatic dispensing machine are very specific, suitable fluid can be used in addition to glue outside the special nature of the traditional sense of the paste, not only can use special manufacturing glue, and glue dispensing effect is very good, mainly used in LED bulb and other round objects. Of course, can also be applied to other objects except LED dispensing outside of the lamp, such as watches, buzzer, speaker, LED fluorescent powder automatic dispensing machine with high production efficiency and high quality production for many manufacturing enterprises to save the production cost, is convenient and practical and easy-to-use dispensing equipment.
      Although the automatic dispensing machine industry achieved great progress, all kinds of dispensing and functional performance emerge in an endless stream, also more and more perfect, but also not every dispensing machine can work in the dispensing of LED lamp, LED fluorescent powder to control due to the amount of glue, LED fluorescent powder from point not only in precision dispensing glue machine the other is the density of victory dispensing equipment, according to the requirements of LED LED dispensing process of fluorescent powder automatic dispensing machine is specially designed for mobility and glue dispensing area were improved, especially the increase of automatic suction function, so as to use phosphor dispensing. 熒光粉自動點膠機
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