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      What kind of glue dispenser is chosen by using LED lighting

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-01-20 10:26   瀏覽:

      When using phosphor and LED, it will distribute the phosphor around the semiconductor chip. The main purpose of this technology is to finish the wavelength conversion of phosphors. Collocation in the application of LED and fluorescent powder, the first need for phosphor glue dispensing operation in order to complete the application of desktop dispensing machine. Generally speaking, we will be using epoxy resin to phosphor to gel. Then we use the laser transformation of the fiber to make the phosphor become a yellow luminous body. The remaining blue light will become the white light we usually see after it is mixed with the phosphor.
      Semiconductors generally possess less electrical conductivity at normal temperatures than those of conductors. They are more conductive than those of insulators. The semiconductor package is then semiconductor wafer is cut, the small wafer cut out using a desktop type dispenser and product framework in bonding, even small wafer bonding pads for dispensing glue dispensing function and frame pin end composed of semiconductor components in whole, plastic a good package, the final test and inspection, this is the whole package process.
      With the rapid development of automation technology, the traditional dispensing machine is gradually to keep up with the production process requirements, the need for a performance of production, not only to complete and efficient operation, high quality glue dispensing, and can automatically control, automatic glue on the glue volume is more uniform, will not lead to waste of glue have a lot of functions, is a desktop type dispenser, a great solution for now recruitment difficult situation, dispensing function of more than one person to operate a complete batch production mode, greatly reduce the labor cost of spending. 三維自動點膠機
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