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      What industry can be used by the latest LED dispensing equip

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-01-24 19:01   瀏覽:

      Although there are LED dispensing machine, glue machine, glue machine and other types of domestic high-speed dispensing market, some precision dispensing equipment can also be imported and advanced dispensing equipment ". But there are a lot of places to pay attention to in the process of using LED glue equipment. For example: in the application of LED to the LED product dispenser for dispensing, special attention is needed to control LED dispensing glue; and when the application of LED glue machine need to pressure on the LED dispenser temperature and operation of the rational use and regulation. We must also pay attention to the temperature, time and temperature curve heating device.
      LED function realization by programming the repeated dispensing dispensing, dispensing can perform one-way for more than one light bulb, bulb first position, and then enter the glue volume dispensing time working parameters, easy operation, for a single bulb after dispensing turntable will automatically rotate on second items for dispensing, dispensing the work cycle completed more than a light bulb. The glue control effect of LED bulb tube dispensing is very good. During the practical application, there will be no problems such as wire drawing and glue leakage. It strengthens the conversion rate of glue and improves the working quality of bulb.
      Behind the traditional mode of dispensing equipment greatly solve the production efficiency is slow, a lot of improvement in the dispensing efficiency and dispensing quality compared to the manual, has also been greatly improved in the consumption of material dispensing, dispensing machine is the most important LED to complete the dispensing operation in some simple geometric patterns, and use simple method however, compared with the manual dispensing, LED dispensing glue volume more uniform and the application in the industry, can improve the quality of dispensing. 中制led點膠機
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