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      The lamp bulb production LED ball bubble gum machine for dis

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-01-29 18:10   瀏覽:

      LED ball bubble gum machine is specially used for LED fluorescent powder product in the dispensing operation equipment on the market now. Dispensing dispensing machine types can be broadly divided into two categories: one is the pressure type, one is measurement; because LED fluorescent powder on the glue supply requirements more stringent, and dispensing pneumatic pressure changes with the opportunity of the strength, the quantity of cement will also be changed, so the pressure type dispensing dispensing machine can not meet the needs of LED industry. At present, most of the dispensing products that can be used for LED products on the market are metering. The dispensing machine can achieve micro and nano scale in accuracy, so it is more than enough to give LED fluorescent powder dispensing.
      With the application of the dispenser is widened constantly, all kinds of dispensing machines are used in different industries, such as: silicone dispensing machine is used in the integrated circuit industry, non-contact jet dispensing machine is applied to some high precision products and so on, LED ball bubble gum machine as the glue machine in one of many species a dispensing equipment, the industry will use the dispensing equipment, the LED bulb dispenser how expensive?
      When the foam dispensing machine to dispensing bulb in the use of LED lamps, we use the glue is epoxy resin, it is because of the characteristics of the epoxy resin is suitable for dispensing work of this type, it can be extremely strong resistance performance, can protect LED lighting chip will not be outside, still can use different ways of dispensing and to change their performance by adding glue scattering agent to control the direction of the light scattering ability, epoxy resin itself has a superior performance, with anti wet glue solidification, high strength, refraction on the optical projection, high efficiency
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