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      Stability and accuracy of the tabletop glue dispenser

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-01-30 18:35   瀏覽:

      The common problems of desktop dispensing machine for dispensing work also has a variety of functions to deal with, in the dispensing process if the glue viscosity is too high, prone to problems in drawing glue dispensing needle is pulled back, directly affect the appearance of the bulb, generally by heating to reduce the viscosity of high viscosity glue, glue demand the work is not applicable, and LED glue machine with suction function, can be applied to solve the problem of drawing and glue dripping, improve the quality and stability of bulb production quality.
      Semiconductors generally possess less electrical conductivity at normal temperatures than those of conductors. They are more conductive than those of insulators. The semiconductor package is then semiconductor wafer is cut, the small wafer cut out using a desktop dispenser and product framework in bonding, even small wafer bonding pads for dispensing glue dispensing function and frame pin end composed of semiconductor components in whole, plastic a good package, the final test and inspection, this is the whole package process.
      The accuracy of dispensing is beginning to be displayed in the quantitative accuracy. For example, the error of 0.01 grams of glue is a tiny error when we don't think about the size of the product, which is unavoidable in manual dispensing. If the product with special requirements for dispensing density, the error of 0.01 grams is usually very serious, because the product of dispensing is very small and very precise. After the accurate setting of the pressure and the time of the glue, the quality of the product is much better than that of the hand glue. 桌面式LED點膠機
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