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      How many millimeters are the precision of LED dispenser prod

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-02-02 10:09   瀏覽:

      The LED glue dispenser is mainly aimed at the demand for micro glue technology such as flexible circuit board and module. The use of LED dispensing machine is suitable for the production line, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, high accuracy and stable operation. It can meet the market demand, and the configuration needed is different when using glue. First, know the nature of the products you make, whether the production products have high requirements for the dispensing precision, so that you can decide the dispensing machine you need. Like the LED dispensing machine, it belongs to the more precise dispensing equipment, which is very suitable for the industry with high demand for dispensing and precision.
      LED dispensing machines are very specific, suitable fluid can be used in addition to glue outside the special nature of the traditional sense of the paste, not only can use special manufacturing glue, and glue dispensing effect is very good, mainly used in LED bulb and other round objects. Of course, it can also be applied to dispensing other items besides LED bulbs, such as watches, buzzers, small speakers, etc. the LED dispenser's high production efficiency and high quality production has saved many production enterprises' production costs. It is a practical, convenient and easy to use dispensing equipment.
      The accuracy of dispensing is beginning to be displayed in the quantitative accuracy. For example, the error of 0.01 grams of glue is a tiny error when we don't think about the size of the product, which is unavoidable in manual dispensing. If the product with special requirements for dispensing density, the error of 0.01 grams is usually very serious, because the product of dispensing is very small and very precise. After the accurate setting of the pressure and the time of the glue, the quality of the product is much better than that of the hand glue. LED點膠機
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