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      Visual LED package dispensing machine appears how to deal wi

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-02-08 09:10   瀏覽:

      The main application of visual LED package dispensing machine for LED lamps of different styles of dispensing, high precision vision positioning system enables the dispensing quality lamps approaching the same stability, effectively enhance the quality and efficiency of packaging lighting products production, sometimes operation problems of staff in the use of visual LED package dispensing process, one of the most common is the dispensing arm Caton problem.
      Visual LED package dispensing and stacking the dust may appear Caton are linked, some static visual LED package dispensing machine is running, and this part will be part of the electrostatic dust absorption accumulation in the slideway, causing mechanical arm movement dispensing is difficult, reducing the packaging quality of LED products, so the operator should timely remove dust attached to the rail to avoid affecting the coherence of the dispensing work.
      It is self-evident for the importance of visual maintenance of large LED package dispensing machine, if there is no proper maintenance equipment directly affects the work efficiency and quality, resulting in long-term mobile manipulator contact surface caused by wear flexibility decreases, resulting in mechanical arm operation is more difficult and even Carlton, can be appropriate to add lubricating oil on the rail, to to strengthen the implementation of the work package dispensing fluency and coherence.
      There are many factors that cause visual LED package dispensing machine Caton, circuit voltage instability is an important factor to cause the LED package dispensing machine running Caton, try to avoid common operation and other equipment in the application package dispensing, can reduce the operation of the circuit load to avoid voltage instability, if you need to apply in high demand in the industry production can be equipped with stabilizer for dispensing package.
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