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      Application of large LED glue dispenser in microelectronics

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-02-08 09:12   瀏覽:

      Large LED dispensing machine is a needle for encapsulation of lighting products in the production process of dispensing equipment, belonging to a large LED precision dispensing machine, precision dispensing glue package through covered on the chip surface reach protective effect, because the LED function used in dispensing small product production, so in microelectronics the industry also has important application.
      Large LED package dispensing machine support application of a variety of fluid dispensing package filling work, fully functional fluid dispensing technology can be applied to a variety of path programming, filling glue support point, line and plane combinations of irregular path, fixed, packaging and coating process is widely used in the chip, the amount of glue the precise control for microelectronic products to further enhance the use effect, you need to apply to the application of conductive adhesive and epoxy resin production in a variety of microelectronic package using LED glue dispensing effect of high efficiency and a glue dispensing uniform strong consistency in the microelectronics industry, meet the needs of production, so the LED package dispensing machine full function not just for the LED industry.
      In the microelectronics industry of high demand, large-scale production and microelectronics LED dispensing can help to further enhance the quality of dispensing large working platform for simultaneous dispensing of a plurality of products, high precision positioning glue filling effect is more uniform and accurate, according to the actual needs of the production of adhesive strength with glue can be adjusted at any time, to ensure the production of microelectronics can complete dispensing, does not appear excessive amount of glue overflow leakage and other issues, has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient maintenance, strong applicability etc.. 大型LED點膠機
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