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      In addition to the desktop LED dispenser, other dispensers c

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      Desktop LED dispenser application industry very much, LED lamp dispensing is one of them, the effect of dispensing is also able to meet the demand of the lamp to the dispensing, dispensing beads because the demand is not very high, so it can be used in the production of this industry, in addition to desktop LED dispenser, or used in the industry to LED beads dispenser, dispensing machine choice is varied.
      Select the dispensing machine each need to use to meet the requirements of dispensing or not, can be used in this industry, desktop LED dispensing machine can suitable for the LED lamp beads in dispensing, dispensing machine is a specialized production and dispensing equipment, very suitable for LED lamp dispensing, because LED lamp is a diode. On the LED lamp, or there are more places to glue, glue point is the same.
      Two kinds of dispensing machine can meet the requirements of LED lamp dispensing, but the performance of desktop LED dispenser than LED lamp press dispensing lot, the use of some accessories, desktop LED dispenser can also be used on more industries, to meet the industry is the same, although the price is more expensive, but the performance is quite good.
      Choose different dispensing machine should meet the requirements of LED lamp dispenser dispensing, can meet the industry requirements using the relatively cheap, can reduce the cost of enterprises, need to consider and choose the dispensing machine for the development of enterprises, the desktop LED dispenser can be used for LED lamp dispensing, but the price is more expensive some dispensing effect is the same, choose a better chance of dispensing LED beads.
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