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      Effect of dispensing technology of bulb production quality

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-03-03 17:24   瀏覽:

      The development of LED glue dispensing technology, is based on the LED intelligent light to develop together, and gradually developed into a variety of dispensing machine, used in the lamp is a relatively simple dispensing LED dispenser, called LED lamp dispenser, dispensing equipment is simple, but it can be improved the production has many effects, such as to accelerate the effect of dispensing dispensing velocity, and improve the quality of products and so on, can affect the.
      The domestic production technology has changed, not only the use of manual dispensing, is the need to use the machinery for dispensing, because China is to realize full automation of production, many large companies are using a fully automated production mode, it can drive the development of other industries, LED lamp dispensing machine is to follow the development of the times, obviously the increase in lamp dispensing speed.
      The use of automation equipment has impact on production, otherwise it will not eliminate manual dispensing, LED lamp glue dispensing effect with manual dispensing effect are compared, some jobs need only one device to complete the task of dispensing, although early for capital investment will be higher, but reluctant to make money a lot of money, LED lamp for dispensing dispensing effect has precedent.
      The development of dispensing machine not only for LED lamp production quality, but also for the dispensing technology influence is quite large, it proved that the use of LED beads dispensing machine is useful for bulb production, when the choice of production, to understand the dispensing machine is able to meet the needs of dispensing, dispensing work according to the different use of LED. Dispenser is different, the correct analysis of this is the use of glue machine.
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