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      How to deal with the disagreement of the large LED glue disp

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-03-13 19:18   瀏覽:

      In this industry, no matter what the industry, are from the dark light, the development is very rapid, from the beginning of tungsten lamp widely used in home, now all are energy-saving lamps, energy saving lamps are LED lights, LED is called a light emitting diode, and it cannot do without the creation of large LED dispensing machine.
      After the emergence of the LED dispenser, the LED lamp has developed rapidly, but many problems have also been found in the process of using the machine, such as the blocking of the dispensing needle and the inconsistent quantity of the dispensing. These are all some problems in the machine operation.
      Said rubber is not the same problem, a machine that dispensing first, the amount of glue is not consistent for many reasons, to step in check and check the machine under the condition of a large LED, check the dispensing needle dispensing machine, if the needle internal solidified glue, which causes the needle plug, because blocked is not very serious, so when dispensing glue will not be identical, the dispensing valve second, check dispenser.
      In the dispensing process, if the dispensing valve is damaged or no internal cylinder pressure will cause the dispensing when the glue is not consistent, pressure machine third, check the dispensing machine, if the pressure is not up to, then in the dispensing process, can also cause the dispensing glue dispensing machine is not consistent, finally is to check the dispensing carry out proper maintenance of the machine, glue machine, glue machine performance will make more good, so the importance of the maintenance of large LED dispensing is unusual, in order to ensure the normal operation of machinery requires a periodic maintenance plan.
      We must pay attention to cleaning machinery accessories internal glue dispensing machine, cleaning is to prevent the residue inside the machine glue mixed with new chemical reaction, light blockage and dispensing valve dispensing needles, corrosion or dispensing machine, so the timing maintenance dispenser, dispensing machine will make more stable work.
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