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      What core glue technology needs to be applied to microelectr

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-03-16 14:40   瀏覽:

      Many products are currently on the market such as microelectronics, LED lamps, CPU computer, mobile phone logic block, these are because of microelectronics, microelectronics, so the internal components are very fragile, are in need of dispensing package, tested the core technology of automatic dispensing control system of dispensing time, this set of control technology for a large number of operations in the production of dispensing machine, ensure each dispenser dispensing can play the maximum effect in the dispensing process.
      The application of large LED dispenser in the microelectronics industry, the first is the selection of appropriate dispensing valve, thimble type dispensing valve is very useful, it is at the top of the adjustable micrometer, micrometer is flow adjusting the size of glue, in the use of large LED dispensing machine to micro electronic dispensing thimble type dispensing valve play a great role, and the thimble type dispensing valve is essential, so the application in microelectronics dispensing is a good choice.
      Needle selection is a technology, in the choice of the needle when should carefully check the specifications, so as to pick up good needle needle, not some inferior polishing and remove burrs on the needle, because of these two reasons, leading to a dispensing needle uneven, glue, glue, wire drawing and other issues, these the problem can affect the failure rate and the effect of dispensing dispensing. 大型LED點膠機
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