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      What steps need to be done by the three axis glue dispenser

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-03-16 14:41   瀏覽:

      Now the LED tube is very common, such as large shopping malls, work buildings, etc., are all placed LED lights. Now LED technology is inseparable from dispensing, so in the dispensing process, the best use of three axis dispensing machine.
      LED lamp industry uses the three axle dispensing machine best. However, the three axis dispenser is a multi axis dispenser, so he has many actions during the dispensing process, and only needs to use the handle to operate, so that the dispensing machine can be dispensed. In the process of using three axis dispensing machine of LED tube dispensing, we must first install check on what point dispensing valve, because the LED chip is only the hair so fine, so in the dispensing process must use high precision dispensing valve, otherwise it will damage the chip of LED, resulting in distortion of color to red.
      When you have checked the dispensing valve, but also check the dispensing needle three axis dispensing machine, the fine dispensing work, should use stainless steel needle dispensing, dispensing needle dispensing means that quality is good or bad, some poor quality not for the polishing of the needles, nor do burr removal work, resulting in three axis the broken glue dispensing machine in the dispensing process, problems of glue unevenness, which greatly reduced the quality of the work.
      The final check is three axis, three axis dispensing machine is generally not a problem, because the production time for large data operations of the dispensing, dispensing the use of orders to handle orders, first of all you need to debug, test performance can be performed after the precision dispensing. The dispensing process if you encounter problems, can press the emergency stop button, again to the dispensing machine for debugging.
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