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      Desktop LED dispenser in the lamp industry but also the deve

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-03-17 14:58   瀏覽:

      LED is very common, because now the energy-saving lamp, flashlight, use LED lamp, also known as the LED light emitting diode, then use what beads dispensing machine can play the maximum effect of package? Because the interior is very sophisticated chips, these chips are very easy to damage, so the dispensing package to the use of LED lamp dispensing machine, so LED cannot do without glue machine.
      Desktop LED glue dispenser
      Pay attention to the use of dispensing valve and precision dispensing needle to use LED beads dispenser for dispensing of beads, because if it is not precision dispensing, it will cause internal damage caused by LED, dispensing dispensing valve failure, recommend the use of the thimble type dispensing valve has high precision, because the dispensing valve at the top of a adjustable micrometer, dispensing valve for dispensing with all stainless steel needles, the effect will be better.
      Desktop LED glue dispenser
      LED lamp dispensing machine at the time of production, has made a lot of computation, such as the regulator to point the way to control each axis of each axis, a record of the action is very careful in reckoning because LED, too many types, so the internal LED dispensing machine controller is equipped with independent memory, which are can use each kind of LED.
      In the dispensing process, is the greatest enemy of power, because the power dispenser all will stop working, but not dispensing, controller in the blackout sequence using the body's internal storage power high speed cache, cache cache is to now each axis direction and the action in the call time controller can continue dispensing.
      Desktop LED glue dispenser
      LED lamp dispensing machine motor on each axis are also carefully selected, and make a lot of testing, the dispensing machine can work efficiently.
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