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      How to ensure the daily work efficiency LED lamp dispensing

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-03-20 14:40   瀏覽:

      LED is very common in life, because of the use of energy-saving lamps will be most at home now, energy-saving lamps inside is LED, LED in the physical sense called light-emitting diodes, because some LED is very small, so in the production of a is very difficult, this requires the use of LED dispensing dispensing beads machine for dispensing package of high precision.
      LED lamp automatic dispensing machine daily work efficiency is very high, because the LED lamp dispensing time in the production of each of the shaft body was carefully polished, for each motor are carefully selected, the regulator is imported, so in order to be more efficient for LED dispensing.
      LED lamp dispensing machine with high efficiency is cannot do without the controller, the controller is the control device for each axis of movement, and the controller has a large independent memory, because too many types of LED, so the controller inside the LED lamp has a lot of dispensing dispensing mode, the need for what need what kind of glue and dispensing method will give tips on the LCD screen controller, and began to prepare for the dispensing.
      In the dispensing process, if the blackout, the controller will use the machine internal residual power of high speed cache, cache the specific location of each axis, and the dispensing work continues at the next call, in the dispensing time if there is a mistake, but also on the LED lamp dispenser anxious stop the operation, make the dispensing machine stop immediately, then the controller of LED lamp dispenser will be corrected after the error correction, automatic dispensing.
      Therefore, the work efficiency will be LED lamp automatic dispensing machine is higher.
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