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      The ball foam lamp is glued with glue dispenser, and the glu

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      Now bulb lamp need to use glue filling technology, conducive to improving bulb lamp production efficiency, ultimately decided by machine factors, such as: bulb lamp glue filling needs of high-efficiency glue dispensing technology, need to be used to bulb lamp dispensing machine can be realized, choose other equipment can be met, production speed has no special type settings Be ready.
      Standard of gluing glue for bulb lamp
      Ball lamp dispensing machine is also known as circular lamp dispensing machine, specializing in the use of bulb lamp glue filling, dispensing machine in the round lamp platform will be replaced by a special type of lamp holder, this can fix the bulb lamp, prevent in the glue filling, resulting in the phenomenon of bulb movement, so the bulb lamp dispensing machine belongs to bulb lamp glue filling specialty. The equipment, high efficiency dispensing technology and special equipment can complete high quality dispensing requirements.
      Bulb dispenser
      Selection of equipment according to industry requirements is the best.
      Each industry is required to select dispensing equipment to achieve high-efficiency dispensing, such as: bulb lamp filling need to use the clip needle, can let the machine in filling glue, there will be no drop or needle blockage problems, the use of appropriate circular lamp seat dispensing machine and clip needle, on the bulb lamp dispensing  Pouring glue is very helpful, and the speed of glue filling will also be improved.
      Introduction of bayonet syringe needle
      A kind of needle which is often used in filling industry can hold the dispensing valve steadily and keep it from dropping. The glue consistency used in general filling is relatively high, and the glue output is the same. Why should we produce a special round lamp seat dispensing machine because of the particularity of bulb lamp filling? Efficient dispensing effect, certainly can not appear the problem of needle blockage, which choice of slip dispensing needle is to meet the requirements, so that dispensing effect is the best, do not need to fear that the quality of gum filling is not high.
      Ball gluing machine
      Chinese made dispensing equipment
      球泡燈灌膠 The circular lamp-holder dispensing machine belongs to one of the LED dispensing machines, which is specially used in the production of the lamp-tube industry. Moreover, the Chinese automatic manufacturer has the dispensing machine specializing in the LED industry, such as bulb dispensing machine, LED bead dispensing machine, LED lens dispensing machine and so on. It belongs to the LED lamp production industry, and each industry has its own special purpose. The production of equipment is also the concept of development of automation in China.
      Bulb filling
      Although the bulb lamp filling can be done manually, but the production speed is not automated round lamp holder dispensing speed, high-efficiency dispensing can make your opponents out of reach, reducing the jam problem of dispensing needle, to achieve rapid filling process, bulb lamp filling does not choose automatic equipment, but also choose Who to choose?
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