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      The need for large dispensing machine is needed on the surfa

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-09-19 19:45   瀏覽:

        The lamp bar is a common decoration in modern times. In the process of production, the fixed work will be completed by the way of dotting silica gel. In the production process of the lamp bar surface glue dropping, the large-scale dispensing machine will be used to complete the glue dispensing production. Then in the production process of the LED lamp bar surface glue dropping, what are the advantages of using the large-scale dispensing machine?
      Surface gluing of light strip

        First, improve the efficiency of light strip surface dropping.

        There are many kinds of large-scale dispensing machine, here take the LED lens dispensing machine as an example, this large-scale dispensing machine is mainly used in the LED dispensing industry, and lamp surface dispensing needs large-scale LED lens dispensing machine is one of the reasons to improve production efficiency. The glue dropping of the lamp sticks the light source on the LED lamp bar by the technology of dotting silica gel, but a lamp sticks a large number of light sources. Although the number of small-sized dispensing machine is increased, but the production output still meets the requirements, and the large-scale dispensing machine's worktable is relatively large, and glue feeding is seldom seen at work. Foot, wire drawing and other issues, and this large-scale LED lens dispensing machine can be equipped with a number of dispensing valves, in the lamp surface in the process of glue dropping, can simultaneously carry out adhesive dropping work.
      Large dispensing machine

        Two, function, accessories complete

        LED lens dispensing machine is a large dispensing equipment, in addition to the workbench, this large dispensing machine is equipped with a complete set of functions, accessories, in order to avoid the surface of the lamp dropping glue in the process of insufficient glue supply, can be installed through the pressure barrel to solve the problem of large capacity. Silica gel on the surface of the lamp can play a thermal conductivity effect, to avoid the lamp in the use process should be too high temperature caused by the use of problems.
      LED lens dispensing machine
        There are many advantages of using large size dispensing machine in the glue drop links on the lamp surface, which are not introduced here.
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