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      LED wafer level packaging? Choose LED professional dispensin

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-09-27 09:19   瀏覽:

      LED wafer-level packaging has a long history, also left a strong historical stage, from the 1980s to today, LED wafer packaging technology has been very mature, of course, there are many large light source dispensing machine, is the machine to achieve the final LED industry in the wafer-level packaging technology Requirement.
      Cob light source
      Equipment that can complete wafer level packaging
      Initial wafer-level packaging technology for chip packaging, and then LED lamp development for dispensing requirements are gradually increasing, but also need to use the chip to complete the packaging, so the production of large-scale light dispensing machine can be achieved to LED wafer-level packaging technology, so the machine is equipped with super important conditions. At present, many dispensing production lines also need to use large-scale light dispensing machine as dispensing equipment. There are still not many devices that can realize LED wafer-level packaging technology.
      Large dispensing machine
      It is too important to choose the core technology that professional equipment can realize. At present, the precision of LED wafer-level packaging technology needs. In all kinds of LED dispensing machines manufactured in China, it is very difficult to find a second device for packaging. None of the core accessories can still meet the requirements of packaging. The dispensing technology is decided by the accessories. It also determines the production efficiency of this glue production line.
      Large light source dispensing machine
      Performance of large light source dispensing machine
      LED disc dispenser packaging on the choice of large light source dispensing machine, to meet their production needs, the current Chinese production is customized according to the requirements of this equipment, no production inventory, because few people will use the light source dispensing machine, so the production will be stored for a very long time, if there is a need to customize, we produce A mature equipment needs not much time. If there is demand, we can consult the manufacturers directly.
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