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      What accessories are suitable for desktop light bulb LED dis

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-11-18 11:56   瀏覽:

      The quality of the dispensing work is often used to see whether the fitting has good functions, good make dispensing accessories product quality compared with other common parts quality is better, the quality of enterprise future era, the use of good accessories is good for desktop type bulb LED glue dispensing, is also good for enterprise.
      The desktop LED lighting bulb dispenser for dispensing, need to use the dispensing valve for dispensing, although the bulb is the use of glue, but also need to use the dispensing valve, or in circular dispensing, the quantity of cement will be uneven, have certain effect on bulb quality and appearance.
      In addition to dispensing valve, desktop LED bulb dispenser and other accessories are suitable for use, for example: air cylinder parts are commonly used desktop LED dispensing machine, using air pressure cylinder requirements is still relatively low, as long as the supply pressure can be of sufficient strength, relative to other parts of this fitting requirements are relatively low, but need to pay attention to the interface sealed in cylinder pressure to use.
      The mechanical arm desktop LED dispenser used with other mechanical arm is a little different, is the use of a round steel, it is in order to facilitate circular dispensing, three axis manipulator using a fixed type, can only point to little glue, appropriate bulb dispensing.
      Other accessories with ordinary dispensing machines are nearly the same, different dispensing machine industry use is often the difference between several parts determines the use direction, so that the parts is a very important part of the dispensing machine, desktop LED dispenser accessories application is particularly important, there is no use of accessory equipment, may be worse than manual dispensing, can't be finished production task.
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