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      Precision dispensing valve with precise glue control effect

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-08-25 18:12   瀏覽:

      Precision dispensing valves use one of the many dispensing valves comparative advantage of the rubber valve, glue control effect is the best one, bulb dispensing machine using precision dispensing valves for lamp packaging, packaging quality can be guaranteed, this is the advantage of precision dispensing valves, general rubber valves can not guarantee its requirements.
      Double action dispensing needle valve
      With the effect of dispensing syringe, the rubber valve works well.
      The control device used in bulb dispensing machine before lamp post packaging is usually a dispensing needle barrel, which can easily lead to glue drawing. This will easily affect the production efficiency and quality of dispensing machine. Using precision dispensing valve can improve the precision of graded bulb dispensing machine, and has better effect on glue control, and will not lead to glue drawing. Dispensing valve leakage and glue drawing, the effect is first-class.
      Precision control effect of glue valve
      Precision dispensing valves manufactured by Chinese manufacturers are manufactured using numerical control technology, especially bearings with long shafts, rather than using two-stage shafts, so as to ensure the stability of glue release, lamp post packaging is the most stress on glue control, according to different requirements for glue filling lamp beads, so the use of dispensing valves are different, precision dispensing valves are the most suitable for packaging. A kind of glue valve, because of the precision of glue control, bulb dispensing machine is the same, there is such an effect.
      Micrometer dispensing needle valve
      Dispensing problem is directly related to glue control.
      Glue drawing and dispensing valve leakage are directly related to the operation and control, dispensing machine needs to design dispensing parameters, that is, lamp post packaging path, each parameter design is not good, will lead to dispensing valve problems, precision dispensing valve problems, but also because of such reasons, if skilled operation, will not be Problems, but also with high-precision glue control effect, bulb dispensing machine using precision dispensing valve can be achieved precise glue control effect.
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