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      Mobile phone key LED visual automatic dispensing machine

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-11-21 15:04   瀏覽:

      LED visual automatic dispensing machine in dispensing now is not limited to the LED industry, it can do a lot of dispensing in other industries, such as: electronic industry, communications industry, automotive industry, construction industry, etc.. LED dispenser in the mobile phone industry is also very rapid development. Especially in the mobile phone button on the dispensing work is extremely important.
      The general definition of mobile phone keys is in use with numbers and symbols are combined button shortcuts can have various functions such as call signal, LED vision automatic dispensing machine are now available to mobile phone buttons on a variety of styles, types of dispensing, but different types of keys to a dispensing mode is not the same.
      Mobile phone key common category three are plastic buttons, silicone keys and p+r keys, now LED vision automatic dispensing machine is a major producer of silicone keys and p+r keys, but in the mobile phone to the birth of a longer period of time is the use of the plastic button is used when dispensing machine to produce however, this button has been at the brink of elimination, the properties of it are silicone keys and p+r keys beyond the full range of.
      General plastic button on the service life of only 30 thousand hits life, while the rest of the silicone buttons and p+r buttons can reach the dispensing life 200 thousand times, and the plastic buttons are not separately into a combination of keys to combine other components that make open metal spring press with elastic, also need for dispensing between them before you can use, and only need silicone keys and circuit board to complete dispensing this step can be completed key installation is very convenient.
      LED visual automatic dispensing machine in the mobile phone button installation, the main function is to let the button and the main circuit board of the mobile phone automatic dispensing.
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