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      What technical requirements are required for the production

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-01-03 18:13   瀏覽:

      When using phosphor and LED, it will distribute the phosphor around the semiconductor chip. The main purpose of this technology is to finish the wavelength conversion of phosphors. Collocation in the application of LED and fluorescent powder, the first need for phosphor gel dispensing operation to facilitate the application of LED fluorescent powder automatic dispensing machine to complete. Generally speaking, we will be using epoxy resin to phosphor to gel. Then we use the laser transformation of the fiber to make the phosphor become a yellow luminous body. The remaining blue light will become the white light we usually see after it is mixed with the phosphor. The use of phosphor and LED can not only greatly improve the manufacturing cost, but also produce a good color effect.
      LED fluorescent powder automatic dispensing machine is specially used for LED bulb dispensing equipment, but with the LED fluorescent powder automatic glue dispensing technology continues to improve, can be applied to the industry is increasing, mainly to the application of industry LED electronic lighting industry, machinery industry, automobile industry, hardware accessories electro acoustic, inductor, battery box sealing and other production industries. Therefore, from the above we know the application of LED fluorescent powder automatic dispensing machine in scope is quite broad, with the expansion of applications, for the dispensing equipment market effect is increased several times, which is the fundamental reason why the dispensing equipment market can be the love and concern.
      Dispensing machine and dispensing equipment using automatic injection technology is also known as non-contact dispensing equipment, which is the most common dispensing equipment for jet technology application. Mainly for a large number of glue, glue, precision glue products. Use a jet technology to promote the LED phosphor dispensing machine, bid farewell to the past three axis dispensing machine moves up and down to complete the dispensing mode, instead of using the non-contact dispensing mode automatically, so to ensure a good dispensing accuracy, stability of jet technology for LED fluorescent powder dispenser machine and machine to better improve. The traditional three axis dispensing, meet the needs of the Z axis to stop moving up and down to complete the non-contact dispensing machine is prevented and the formation of the Z axis shaking machine vibration, good to reduce the stop condition between each drop, Tu, point. LED熒光粉點膠機
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