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      Is there much more industry in the pneumatic LED dispenser?

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-01-03 18:16   瀏覽:

      In precision dispensing equipment in operation in addition to pneumatic dispensing and defect characteristics LED itself will be affected by the external factors are certain, but for some equipment is not obvious. The factors can influence the gas dynamic type LED dispensing machine for bulb dispensing is broadly divided into three categories, the first is: there is a hose blocking glue, needle blocking glue, the main reason is caused by the glue is solidified inside; the second is the unstable gas pressure will affect the pneumatic LED dispenser in the dispensing operation of the bulb; the third is the problem of the electromagnetic valve; the viscosity of fourth kinds of problems is the glue. Is an important factor that affects the dispensing.
      The pneumatic LED dispensing machine has strong pertinence. The applicable fluid can also use special paste in addition to the traditional glue. It can not only be applied but also used very well, mainly applied to the dispensing work of round objects such as LED bulbs. Of course, can also be applied to other objects except LED dispensing outside of the lamp, such as watches, buzzer, speaker, pneumatic LED dispensing machine with high production efficiency and high quality production for many manufacturing enterprises to save the production cost, is convenient and practical and easy-to-use dispensing equipment.
      The aerodynamic model is the working mode of pneumatic LED dispensing machine, through the air supply device of producing pressure, pressure driven to a feeding tube, glue can according to the actual situation of control parameters to achieve free flow effect, through the dispensing valve after the uniform glue dispensing machine, pneumatic LED with this way of working on air quality the high dependence on the market, most of the dispensing machine using pneumatic drive as the working mode, this way of working, convenient use and simple operation, is suitable for the high demand for lighting in the production line, ensure the lighting effect and production capacity, pneumatic LED dispensing machine is mainly responsible for various lighting bonding or packaging. 三軸自動點膠機
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